Pacific Rim (2013)

20 февраля 2015 // Хельги

Наткнулся у себя в заметках на этот текст. Я написал его в самолете из Чикаго, возвращаясь с RSNA в декабре 2013 года. Во время полета я посмотрел этот фильм, и под «впечатлением», на фоне недели общения по-английски, получилось вот это.

It’s Neon Genesis Evangelion minus Japanese mind screw plus stock dramatic music.

No, the EMP doesn’t exclusively target “digital” electronics. And no, nuclear does not mean analog, except maybe in the collective dumbass mind where nuclear means ’50s with glowing dials and rows of buttons. That’s not technobabble, that’s worse.

Fantastic physics is okay, but fantastic materials theory is a different thing. Okay, maybe the purpose-built Jaegers, which are seemingly made of Unobtanium, can withstand the enormous blows they experience in fights. But other object in the movie behaves in any way the story requires. Skyscrapers are obviously made of cardboard, and the ship the Jaeger uses to fight a Kaiju works like a giant club.

The movie creators seem to have an artistic license on biology a well. Some of the monsters look like beasts, some look like dragons, some look like the artist had an acid trip.

All in all, Pacific Rim is so secondary, when you go structuralist on it and dismantle the movie, all you get is tropes and allusions, and nothing else: no idea to ponder about, no emotion to feel on, no beauty to enjoy. The overall thing isn’t actually anything more than lots of tropes fit together and wrapped in nice CGI wrapping.

In other words, I’m happy I watched the Pacific Rim while on a plane, and didn’t spend any time I could spent in a better way. The only nice thing about it was that I liked the look of the mecha. Somehow, it clicked with the description of striders from Fiasco by Stanislaw Lem.

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