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15 августа 2006 // Хельги

Decided that writing some English entries can be helpful for me to keep my English not dusty. Not to say I can learn a lot just 'talking' to myself in this diary, but anyway… no harm, right?

Today I've had lunch with Merrimans (okay, I mean Chris, Carol and John, whilst the latter person isn't actually a Merriman :)). Very glad that my ability to comprehend English is wider than I thought before. I have now a hope that I'll be able to speak and live if someday I go to Britain (or to USA, or to Australia, or to Canada — but for Britain I'm sure).

If I am allowed to generalize and say that all Englishmen are like my today's 'trip' companions, Englishmen must be truly good people. Good sense of humour, complete absence of haughtiness, abilities to communicate and to be a very good company — that sounds too formal, but that's true description of people I was lucky to chat with.

And nothing in common with posh English lords in tail coats, though at the back of my mind I always thought what British people are a bit like such lords. :)

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