What’s This?

Devel is a tiny application which enables you to write small programs — such as formulae calculators — which are intended to have simple code yet need to have some kind of the graphics user interface.

Devel uses VBScript as the programming language, providing some (rather primitive) means of constructing user interfaces. It allows you to build dialog boxes with labels, text entry fields, graphs, and pictures.

Who Uses Devel?

An engineer may use it to implement some rather simple formula without being forced to maintain sophisticated code. A student may write small ‘testers’ or ‘drivers’ — since Devel supports ActiveX automation. A programming newbie may learn GUI development basics utilizing their BASIC programming skills.


The latest version of Devel is the version 0.5 alpha. If you want to find out what’s new in this version, refer to the version history.

The files available for downloading are listed below: