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Блок, прости…

8 января 2007 // Хельги

Общага. Ночь. Ботва. Экзамен.
Бессмысленен ученья свет.
Остался труп мой бездыханен —
От ПОДов мне пощады нет.

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Way to Mandalay (~Blackmore's Night)

2 декабря 2006 // khan_ina_krinat

I wandered down the pathway, through the misty moor
Like I knew he did a thousand times before
Voices seem to echo "Come talk with me a while
Just around the corner, just another mile..."

I had heard the stories, her legend served her well
A mystic's myth or fable, truth or fairy tale
A raggle taggle gypsy , with a toothless smile
Said "Sit with me my darling, let's talk a little while..."

The mile went on forever, the minutes turned to days
Could I have been misguided by the mystic's ways?
The moment lasts forever, at least it does for me
Caught between what happened and what could never be...

Forgotten and forbidden, discharged without regrets
I follow the decision on road that never ends.
Eternity is flowing through my unclenched fists
Oh tell me one unclaimed, will it end like this?

The stars that guide to heaven, the only lead my path
And road withstands the burden of sins and hateful dust.
Insanity of wispers, that rustle in my mind
Are only to inspire, that yet I haven't died.

Oblivion of ruins, that that drives you to despair
With world that changed it's order, but noone left to share
The ghosts melt in the twilight, all universe grow dim.
Nonsensical my aim, i'll never rich it seems.

And the road goes on, seeming even longer on a way to Mandalay..
And the road goes on, forever will I wonder on a way to Mandalay..

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